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Russia's largest Dealing Center - more than one million accounts, more than a thousand registrations per day.

About us

Company ForexStart - the largest DC cent in Russia. The best conditions - spreads from 0 pips different trading instruments (more than 50 currency pairs, more than 30 different CFD instruments and Futures).

We value our reputation. Therefore, choosing to work with our company, you get a really reliable broker with an individual approach to each client.

Each client, regardless of the size of the deposit, we offer the most convenient and advantageous terms of trade: the best software interbank working conditions, the complete absence of commission for trade execution, analytical materials. Also, we provide a unique opportunity - to independently set the size of your leverage.

The company's goals

Providing the best (inter) the terms of trade for all. Even with a deposit of a few tens of dollars, you can be assured that your opportunities are as wide and varied as possible and those who work with the deposits of several hundred thousand dollars.

We cooperate with the world's largest market-makers, bringing the total position in the interbank market. In some cases, we also derive the individual positions of traders. We never play against our clients, therefore, earning the global financial market, you can be sure not to play roulette and actually earn on currency exchange rates.

The second objective of the company - help beginners as well as those who can not start making it worthy of funds. The main problem of any trader - psychological stress and the inability to relate to the money in the account as an instrument. According to global psychological research, the best way to overcome a - start trading on the micro-deposit.