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The oldest Dealing Center. Been operating since 2006. Grew out of the professional forum for traders operating since 2002.

     About us

Profiforex Brand is owened and managed by TIM GROUP INC.  and was founded by the group of traders a group of traders with years of trading experience, which aims to help other traders become more successful. Starting small forex broker Profiforex gradually attracted more and more traders are now proud to give them access to the best trading conditions for traders worldwide.

     Mission Profiforex

We do more than others to make forex easier and more understandable. We believe that the relationship with your broker should be reliable and predictable, so we take great care to make our work as transparent as possible and make every effort so that all terms have been clearly listed on our site. We understand that much of your success depends on us, and we strive to provide fast performance, best spreads and excellent technical support

Customers Profiforex use of financial services reliable and reputable broker. We insist on the highest standards, so that our customers can be confident that they are trading through reliable and professional liquidity providers ..
Our services are:

     A wide range of currencies, indices and metals

We offer you access to over 40 currency pairs, more than 10 indexes and metals.


We use technology STP to fulfill your orders, to provide guaranteed introducing your orders in international markets. In other words, we provide access to the interbank market without passing orders through dealing. In combination with low and competitive spreads, we offer you a variety of opportunities for professional growth.

     Favorable trading conditions

We believe that every trader should get the best trading conditions, regardless of the size of the deposit. Low spreads for all low fees, simple and secure system output - we have developed all this so that nothing will disturb you from bidding, and you can focus on trading, not to be nervous about hidden fees, double the commission, the release delay.

In addition to our many benefits, we also offer you the following advantages: if you successfully trading with big lots (more than one standard) for a few months, we can provide you with the investor, and so you will control the amount of not less than $ 10,000. Thus, your income will be from about 30% to 35% of total earnings.

When you choose us, you choose the freedom to trade any currency pair that you want, anytime, using any trading strategy, together with all the help and support you need to get the most out of your investment.